Deepwood Veterinary Clinic's Doctors

  Dr. Wanda Pool
vet A graduate from Louisiana State University in 1978, Dr Pool first worked in a mixed animal practice in Louisiana where she worked with both large and small animals for 4 years. In 1982 Dr. Pool moved to New Jersey and became a state regulatory veterinarian. In 1984, she moved back to Louisiana and earned her PhD in Microbiology in 1989. She began working at Deepwood part time in 1989 and took over ownership of the clinic when her father-in-law, Dr. Robert Mouser, DVM, moved to southern Virginia in 1996. Dr Pool’s primary veterinary interests are unusual medical diagnostic cases, soft tissue surgeries and the overall health of all animals she treats.
Dr. Pool and her husband, Bobby Mouser, live on site and consider the clinic their home away from home. She likes to think of all her employees as one big extended family. Dr. Pool loves to visit with her 3 children and 3 grandchildren when she is not working. She owns a lab mix, named Chance, and a cat named Wicket, both were rescued from the shelter. She also takes care of several chickens and a peacock couple (Barbie & Que).

  Dr. Rhonda Ryle
vet After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1991, Dr. Ryle attained a Masters degree from John’s Hopkins University while working in the medical research field at the National Naval Medical center in Bethesda, in the renal transplant field. She then attended the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech where she attained her DVM degree. She has been an associate veterinarian at Deepwood Veterinary Clinic since 2003.
Her family includes her husband, two children, three cats, two dogs (a Doberman and a boxer), two snakes, one rabbit and one guinea pig…all of whom keep her busy in her spare time. She enjoys the challenge of working with exotic animals, especially reptiles and pocket pets. She loves working with animals of all kinds and helping the many rescue groups that Deepwood assists.


  Dr. Alissa Rexo
vet Dr. Rexo graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College in 2006 and came to Deepwood that summer. She enjoys and specializes in equine reproduction. In addition to treating equines, she also works in the clinic treating dogs and cats.
Dr. Rexo grew up in New Hampshire and received her bachelor’s degree at Wheaton College in Massachusetts in the Spring of 2002. She then went on to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian and graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada in 2006.
She joined Deepwood Veterinary Clinic in December of 2006. Her veterinary interests include emergency medicine, reproductive care, pain management as well as holistic medicine. Dr. Rexo completed the IVAS (International Veterinary Accupunture Course) in 2008 and offers accupuncture and herbal remedies to her patients.
Dr. Rexo enjoys spending time with her husband and son. They share their home with their furry family, Kallie the dog, and Tyler the cat. Outside the clinic, Dr. Rexo enjoys riding her horse, Huey, reading, and hiking with Kallie.

  Dr. Laurel Marley
vet Dr. Laurel Marley grew up in the greater Washington area. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Spanish from DePauw University in Indiana and her veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee. She has experience with both farm animals (especially beef cattle) and horses. She grew up raising Hereford cattle and riding Tennessee Walkers.
When she is not traveling around in the ambulatory truck or in the clinic she enjoys training for marathons with her two dogs, Denali and Harley.




  Dr. Danielle Lafave
vet Dr. Lafave was born and raised in Culver City, California. After spending her first eighteen years on the West Coast, she spent ten years in Massachusetts. She earned dual Bachelors’ degrees in Biology and Chemistry at Williams College, followed by her DVM from the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Her love of science and animals is what motivated her to pursue the veterinary profession.
Dr. Lafave moved to Virginia to join the team at Deepwood in the fall of 2008. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading sci-fi novels, and biking along local trails. She lives in Oakton with her husband and their two cats, Perrin and Pippin.



  Dr. Michele Dougher
vet Dr. Michele Dougher received her Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech in 1991 and then her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Florida in 1995.
After working with wildlife in South Africa, Dr. Dougher returned to the States. Once back, her experience has included serving as Veterinary Communications Manager for Purina, Medical Director/Head Veterinarian in private practice, and most recently as a relief (substitute) veterinarian.
Dr. Dougher has worked with Deepwood Veterinary Clinic since 2005 and enjoys helping dogs, cats, and exotic animals. In her spare time, she loves being with her husband, four children, dog and guinea pig.





  Dr. “Tookie” Myers
vet Joining Deepwood in 1994, Dr. Myers was born in Mobile, Alabama and grew up near New Orleans, Louisiana. His love for animals prompted him to an early decision to be a veterinarian (deciding in the third grade). Staying on course, he graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary medicine in 1978.
Since graduation, Dr. Myers has functioned in many arenas – a general practitioner with experience in all species of animals. He was the veterinarian for the Virginia Zoo for ten years, is currently the standby veterinarian for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus when they are in his area and do not have their veterinarian travelling with them. He is the consulting veterinarian for The American Horse Protection Association, Professional Laboratory and Research Services, and American Type Culture Corporation.
He has served on the board of Directors for the American Horse protection association where he testified before the USDA on the issue of soring Tennessee Walking Horses. His suggestion of utilizing a chemical test to determine the soring practice has since been implemented with great success.
He has an avid interest in equines, especially in the field of biomechanics and podiatry, which has him work on lameness cases worldwide. He has lectured on this topic in the United States and Canada (with even a small private lecture in Egypt). His website –– serves to let the international equine community know of available services and educate horse owners worldwide.
In his ‘spare time’ he serves as consulting veterinarian for the website, the largest equine site on the internet and is on the Board of Directors for the Guild of Professional Farriers and Chairman of their Body of Knowledge Committee. The Guild has begun building the knowledge base all farriers can access for current information on hoof care, biomechanics, farrier sciences, and other areas pertinent to equine locomotion.
Dr. Myers is currently conducting research on a variety of hoof mechanics and hoof products with new information on the horizon.
When not working at Deepwood, Dr. Myers owns and operates a mobile practice in Chesapeake, Virginia. His wife, Carlene, provides valuable assistance and runs the office as well as working directly on lameness cases locally and internationally.
At home there are three Ragdoll cats, a Love bird, and three horses. For recreation, Dr. Myers likes showing American Saddlebreds and Road Horses. He actively judges horse shows and on occasion coaches friends for shows.